Welcome to my website.

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My name is Paul Massey aka Paulus the Woodgnome to my friends. I decided that I needed, and wanted to create a website where I bring together everything I do from graphic design work to playing in a rock band - and everything in between. I also wanted to build a bit of a showcase website where I could play with new technologies and coding to see just what is possible.

Another advantage for me when creating this website is that I can give friends and acquaintances just one 'covers pretty much all' web address rather than the usual 6 or so that I have for various projects!

The home page of this website is designed to give you just a little feel of what lies behind each of the main sections with the hope that you will be enticed to delve a little deeper. You will find some of my music, my photography and some of my recent graphic design and soundtrack work.

I hope you enjoy the site and maybe even get inspired to explore and try new things for yourself. Of course it would be a major bonus for me if I pick up some extra work from here as everyone knows arty farty people rarely make enough money to be comfortable!

If you have any comments or want to get in touch then please feel free to email or call me (details at the foot of each page).

Help me get to No.1

Play any or all of the above songs to get Sanity Bypass (my band) to No.1 in the Reverbnation regional charts. Every play helps and you will be supporting real musicians rather than Karaoke style X-Factor shit!

Video Tutorials

The video opposite is taken from one of my tutorial series on Final Cut Pro X which shows people a neat little trick using colour isolation techniques.

I have always liked sharing knowledge and have a new series on recording with Apple Logic Pro X coming out soon. I do this in my spare time so it sometimes takes quite a while before I finally get them up on the web.

A bit about me

First off let's get the 'Paulus the Woodgnome' thing explained. It's simply a nickname I was given for reasons I can't go in to here but the name stuck and most of my friends refer to me as so.

Many would describe me as a happy-go-lucky person who will have a go at anything. I dislike being bored and can usually be found in my design or recording studio. If my freelance graphic design business is slow then I take the spare time to learn new things - usually creative stuff or experimenting with new musical ideas. I have been in the print/design business from the day I left high school and have worked with some fantastic people and some major clients so I have no doubt in my abilities in my professional life.

I also trained as a classical musician at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama but soon decided that rock music was more 'my thing' so I formed a band, in fact I have played in quite a few! Away from my design work I am presently writing and recording 2 albums, one for my band Keetah and one as a solo effort under the guise of Sanity Bypass.

I am happily married with two children and a mad but hugely intelligent Jack Russell dog. We spend a lot of time on the Grand Union Canal aboard our Narrow Boat called Hannah, which we love. I am lucky as I can work from the boat and the canals give me a lot of inspiration both artistically and musically.

I am always looking for new clients for my freelance design business so if you need anything then let me know!

I am also always looking for new musicians and singers to collaborate with on music projects.